Training & Improvement

River City Engineering’s training courses are designed to advance the knowledge of the engineers and operators of your company. These professional training courses are offered on site for an interactive experience, however short courses may be offered online at your preference. Training sessions are guided by our distinguished team of process engineers who are familiar with the design, operation, and optimization of various types of natural gas facilities.

Listed below are examples of the training courses currently offered by River City Engineering, with links to a PDF of an example agenda.  Each training course will be tailored to your unique facility, and the duration can be adapted based on your custom scope, or based on attendee availability (change of shift or set for operators).

For OSHA PSM compliance, we are able to provide documentation for each training course including attendees lists, descriptions of material covered, and training agendas. More rigorous documentation such as quiz materials and results are also available depending on your company’s particular requirements.

We can also create customized training courses for your needs beyond those listed here, please contact us for more information!

Operator Training Courses

Board Training: Single System – A hands on training session working with operators on the job, focusing on optimization and control strategies of one particular system. The cryo plant training focuses on maximizing NGL recovery by teaching optimal operating conditions, background discussion on reasoning behind control strategies, and troubleshooting tips. Treating systems training focuses on minimizing energy usage and circulation rate while maintaining required treating specifications, background discussion on reasoning behind control strategies, and troubleshooting tips including foaming prevention strategies. We will work with you to cover multiple shifts and sets.

Board Training: Entire Plant – An intensive, hands on training session working with operators on the job, focusing on optimization, control strategies, and troubleshooting of the entire plant from inlet handling through treating, cryo, stabilization, and utilities. We will work with you to cover multiple shifts and sets.

Plant Overview Training– A classroom style introductory course reviewing Process Flow Diagrams to refresh personnel on plant operations. Topics covered include design background, safety, flowpaths, and general controls.

System Specific Training– A classroom style course that focuses on a specific system (e.g. Amine, TEG, Cryo Plant) from your facility reviewing the Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams for that system. Topics covered include design, optimization, safety, and controls.

Entire Facility Training– A  classroom style, week long intensive course that reviews your entire facility. Process Flow Diagrams, Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, Heat and Material Balances, and Cause and Effects are all reviewed. Topics covered include design background, optimization, control systems and operating philosophies, and safety. We can produce operating “cheat sheets” with optimal set points and measured parameters labeled on P&IDs or PFDs at your request.

Operating Procedures Training– An intensive classroom style course that reviews operating procedures in depth. This course covers all areas of the operating procedures required by OSHA PSM including consequences of deviation, which helps increase understanding of troubleshooting, and safety. As part of this training, we can update outdated procedures and provide redlined and/or final documents upon request.

Start Up Training– A detailed classroom style course to prepare operations personnel for start up. This course covers all phases of start up including commissioning, purge, dry-out, system wash, and bringing in gas. Depending on when the training is held in regards to how complete the plant is, portions of the course can be held in the plant showing the various steps and manual valves that will need to be used during the process.

Engineer Training Courses

Optimization Training– An intensive course teaching engineers how to optimize plant performance. This course covers setting up HYSYS simulation of the plant, including how to input vendor specific data into the simulation for compressors, exchangers, and expanders. Tips on data matching, and how to use a case by case approach to determine the most beneficial adjustments.

CO2 Freeze Webinar– This webinar covers why, when, and how to use RCE’s CO2 Freeze extension for HYSYS. Walkthrough examples include determination of whether or not inlet liquids require preheating before stabilization, expander inlet streams, and tray by tray tower freeze prediction.

EC-OD Webinar– This webinar will give you a detailed understanding of how to use the RCE EC-OD extension for HYSYS and VMGSim. Topics covered include how to input vendor data into the extension, how to rate existing expander compressors, and example walkthroughs.

PHA Methodology– A detailed course to prepare personnel for a Process Hazard Analysis using RCE’s developed methodology. This course covers the background, development of related worksheets, and an example walk through.